Air Ducts

Air duct cleaning in Anchorage

Every time your child coughs, you cry. You've seen countless doctors and follow their orders to the letter. You dust your home every day, and use so much bleach, that the manufacturers should send you a thank-you note. And yet, your kid's asthma or allergies just won't go away. Have you looked at your air ducts lately? Construction debris, drywall dust, mold, pollen, even dead bugs or animals could be lurking within them. Call Air Duct Cleaning & Services today, see a noticeable difference in your breathing tomorrow. 


According to the American Lung Association, air ducts can harbor more germs than a chicken coop. That notion makes us nauseous, too! Air Duct Cleaning & Services has the right tools and specialized training to not only clean your air ducts, but to sanitize them as well. Don't let chickens or germs come to roost in your home. Call us today! 
Cleaning of air duct in progress in Eagle River, AK


You run a busy office, retail store or industrial complex. You can't afford to shut down for a day or two while you get your air ducts cleaned. With Air Duct Cleaning & Services, you won't have to. We happily schedule weekend or nighttime appointments for our commercial clients. Your entire system will sparkle from rooftop to floor vents!


Buying a house? Congratulations! Do you know what the previous owners did in it? Before you close the sale, have Air Duct Cleaning & Services eradicate all traces of what might have come before, including dust bunnies, pet hair, tobacco or marijuana smoke. After all, a fresh start should include fresh air! Call for a free estimate.
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